'Roscoe' aka MBIS, MBISS, ICCF/CCAA GrCh, Rarities, ARBA, CH Sentinel's Blue Chip, ATTS D.O.B. 01-26-02 DOP Spring 2011 OFA Hips & Elbows Certified 2008 National Specialty Winner! 2008 Western Regional Specialty Winner!!

Roscoe was our first Cane Corso!  We got him at eight weeks of age and because of him we fell in love with this amazing breed.  Roscoe loved being a show dog and was hands down one of the nicest moving Cane Corsos we have ever seen.  We are so fortunate that he passed this on to his puppies and grand puppies.  Roscoe was full of energy and such a playful dog.  He slept on the bed with us his whole life.  Roscoe is sorely missed.  He gave us 10 amazing years.



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Betty & Byron Osing

Calgary - Alberta - Canada


email: bnbosing@gmail.com