'Panzer' was our first Rottweiler! He was the 'hardest' dog we have ever owned and taught us alot. We enjoyed 11 wonderful years with him.
'Bella' aka Aramars Belladonna of Cara bred by Sheryl & Arnie Brown, was our first Show Dog. She was an awesome queen bee. She was shown to her Canadian Championship and produced one litter giving us Leroy & Peanut. Bella lived to be 13!!
'Dekker' aka Aramars Dekker bred by Sheryl & Arnie Brown, came to us as an adult....he was taken away from his former owners because of abuse. He was an awesome addition to our pack ..... an incredible gentle giant. We only had him for a short few years but he made a permanent mark on our hearts.
'Jebediah' aka CH Darkstone's Dr. Love v. Chancellor was produced by Wendy Lewellen. We got Jeb as a tiny 8 week old puppy. He won over anyone he met and was an awesome show dog with tons of pizazz. Jeb gave us 8 wonderful years.
'Gizmo' aka AKC/Cdn CH Darkstone's Built Tough was a son of Leroy. He came to us as an 18 month old boy because he was a 'handful'. It turned out he just needed an experienced owner. He was a Group 2 winner in the US with Randy McAteer and lived out his life with his dad, Arnie Brown. We fortunately have frozen breedings and will one day produce a litter of little 'Gizmos'.


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