Outside Cane Corso & Rottweiler Influences Cane Corso 'Cesare' from Timoniere Kennel in Budapest, Hungary Owned by Beata Margitan. We have used Cesare twice in our program and are very pleased with the outcome. We, fortunately, have several frozen breedings available to us that we will use in the future.












































































'Noe' aka Bioynic's Noe di Liano . Owned by Mitch Keating. We bred Noe to Jynx. They produced 5 puppies.


'Hannibal' aka Hannibal Von Siegerhaus We bred Bella to Hannibal. They produced 2 puppies.
'Rueger' aka Der Hagen's Rueger v Adelant. Owned by Kimm McDowell. We bred Rueger to Peanut. They produced 5 puppies.




'Blue' aka Mileah's Egyptian Blu . Owned by Mileah Kay. We bred Blu to Jade. They produced 4 puppies.


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